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8/19/16 - Added more links to the secretpage.

8/15/16 - Shipping Wall gallery added.

8/10/16 - Major update. The whole site was reorganized.

7/31/2015 - Added a Tiny Bumblee and Optimus to My Shipping Wall. 7/28/2015 - Added Lucky and Ankha to My Shipping Wall.

7/23/2015 - I added bravenet to the special thanks to section of my links page.

Webs decided to discontinue their guestbook app. I lost all of my really old comments as of now. :C I replaced it with an app from bravenet! The cheese comments were moved to their own page. Lots of page titles were fixed, minor adjustments to more hidden pages, and a new photobucket slideshow for this page, and my cbox was fixed too.

7/11/2015 - Added links and fixes to Neopets Petpages, Adopted Graphics, and Awards. I also added a new image to My Shipping Wall.

7/9/2015 - I redid the homepage and added some brand new pages and links. Previous links only accessible through this "secret page" have been stripped of their premade layouts.

3/9/2015 - I'm back on twitter as @KOOWUL. Widget for twitter also added.

3/1/2015 - I forgot to include my panda sticker group, so I added it to this page. All page titles also fixed. + MUSIC

2/24/2015 - I added the "I pooted." blog box. It's from Buck's Graphics. Navigation links were also fixed.

2/23/2015 - The website is finished!! I will still add any future updates here.

2/22/2015 - I have new pages uploaded and ready to go. But one is still unfinished. I plan on having the site live soon.

2/10/2015 - Complete revamp of the entire website is under way! I have many things planned for it.


- The main part of this website was made using traditional media.

- Image editing was done in Photoshop CS5.

- Links were made in Fireworks CS6.

- I turned my handwriting into a font and used it all around the website. It's called "Lauren's Lame-o Handwriting".

- The background of the Guestbook page is a scan of my sketchbook that has all of the drawings for this website.

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