I Won The Purple Blob Award!
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Feel free to use this award where ever you would like! Just don't edit the coding. ;)

Snowberrie's Pixel Award! Gracias por visitar nuestra pagina Teh.Sleepy.Mew.Award=3
Here are the links where you can still obtain freebie awards.
A lot of the petpages I used to look through were made as early as 2005.
Since then many petpages have gone under or lost their image hosting.
mutant_x_nightmare's petpage
_sn0w_ice_'s petpage
Yurbley_Mo's petpage
Bella_buu's petpage
blue_aqua_socean's petpage
yellow_ewe's petpage

I got this award from dersangel7405.
It was for pittyprettypup's petpage, before my neopets accounts got frozen.
If I didn't get frozen then the page would still be up and running. It was a helpful links page.